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⚡️⚡️⚡️ Clothing for the Wicked ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Hustle & the Vixen
is a collection of
Retro, Vintage, Designer & Pre-loved Threads
curated for
Hellcats, Misfits & Romantics
est 2013

We make it look so easy...that you think it’s easy!
Hustle & the Vixen, established 2013,
has been a pioneer for the slow fashion movement
with an eye & taste that is setting the trends -
we are your one stop vintage shop to get your sustainable fashion fix.
Over half a decade of experience that simply cannot be taught or replicated.
Our taste, our game & our HUSTLE...
baby, you couldn’t find pieces like this anywhere else even if you tried!

Here at Hustle & the Vixen, we want you to find the special piece of clothing that you never knew you couldn’t live without!
We want you to feel & look like the best you, we want you to express yourself through these one of a kind, quirky & fantastical pieces that really are only made for the one person they call to like some kind of divine timing 🔮
We are forever getting compliments on our eclectic range & selection of Vintage, Designer & Pre-loved Threads from the likes of Haute Couture Designers & are a to-go for Hollywood Costume & Wardrobe Stylists.

Established 2013 with all Hustle & Heart. A pioneer in the slow fashion movement as a trailblazer for the Slow Fashion Movement in Australia, inviting change in our culture to extend the lifespan of beautiful, unique & one of a kind threads.

Hustle & the Vixen exists as an ethical option to get your sustainable fashion fix, bringing you timeless, classic & dreamy pieces that are in next to new condition or have been restored to have a new lease on life.

We cater to all sizes, our stock ranging from AU 4 - AU 18 (dual size XXS - XL) which you can browse in dual sizing via the filter in the top left corner when viewing our collections.

So, why choose Hustle & the Vixen in a marketplace that is quickly becoming oversaturated, and even high-jacked by fast fashion outlets?
Hustle & the Vixen isn’t a side gig looking to make a quick buck - we are looking to make real change within the world, pouring all heart, all soul & all hustle into making this happen. We appreciate, value & respect the incredible items of clothing as they should be cherished for what they are worth & given so much love - bringing them to you as our way to bring joy & happiness to those who fall in love with the piece waiting JUST for them!

It’s artform & way of life. It’s our version of making music, of putting pen to paper, of painting a mural. It’s the outlet of art we express ourselves in & we also care greatly about the artistic integrity in what it is to be an artist & respecting the work involved.

We pride ourselves & guarantee on high quality threads that have so much life left to live. We also revive & repair many threads raising them from the dead & giving them a new lease on life, a gift from us to you.

  Together, we can help change the planet by choosing to shop sustainably.

What are you waiting for!? Join the hunt & hustle today!

Thanks for hustlin'
Much love
aka. the Vixen ⚡️