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Verb Syndicate Spot Rotation x Autumn/Winter Playlist

 Hustle & the Vixen is back pairing up with Verb Syndicate for another round of their Spot Rotation.

This time we made a playlist for not only YOU, but for us here at Hustle & the Vixen here in store & HQ!
It's our favorite tracks that we've had on rotation here in store for Autumn/Winter 2019 all put together in one playlist.

Perfect for a days work, loaded 100 songs so you won't hear the same song twice.  The playlist has been arranged for a smooth transition and for a journey from full soundscapes with heavier, beats to more ambient, darker tracks to slow, romantic ballads...or throw it on shuffle to get a mix of genres.

This one is definitely a strange mix bag, following absolutely no set genre to define. Give it a listen to see what's been on our rotation for Autumn/Winter 2019!