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Terracotta: Make-up by Beautify Me Beauty Therapy

Hustle & the Vixen was lucky enough to have the incredibly talented & ever so lovely Diana from her own business Beautify Me Beauty Therapy on the upcoming Lookbook Series 'Terracotta' with Britt Murphy Creative as our Make-up Artist.

I left feeling and looking like my best self - absolutely photoshoot ready, my skin had never had so much 'glow', looked so flawless & felt so hydrated with make-up on. It's incredibly rare in my experience to find a make-up artist who looks at & analyses your facial features to tailor the desired make-up look to suit your face. A good make-up artist is supposed to enhance your features - not change them! We aren't aiming to look like anyone else, just our best self!

It was one of the first times I had a make-up artist ENHANCE my hooded eyes to look bigger and more open, and not go overkill on my smaller, soft romantic features that can very easily end up being overpowered by the style of make-up these days - less is more, and a skilled make-up artist knows how to walk that fine line!

Needless to say, my experience with Diana was absolutely fantastic, and we here at Hustle & the Vixen highly recommend her.
If you have an special events, formals or have an occasion where you want to look like your best self - Beautify Me Beauty Therapy is the place to make a booking.
Diana is not only a qualified make-up artist, but also a beauty therapist and a brow & lash specialist to cover all your beauty needs!

You can check out her work and make any bookings over on her
Instagram or Facebook page.

Thank you Diana!
We love your work and are so grateful for you to be a part of this project 💕