Winter in the Woods: X

Never compare your journey to anybody else's - you must always be looking up and looking forward. When you look around at what other's are doing, it slows your own momentum down and can end up leading you in the wrong direction. When you get stuck looking back, it leaves you with no where to go. A kind reminder to go at your own pace, make the adjustments for as much as much ease and grace as possible, and it doesn't matter how long it takes you - as long as you push on the right path forward, you can rest assured you are on your way to wherever it is you are headed.

The last in the Winter in the Woods series was captured right at the moment of dusk. Keeping it minimal in a vintage gothic burnt velvet dress by Capitol.

Creative Director, Styling & Featuring
Hustle & the Vixen | Rebecca Sunshine

Photography by Love Stories by Kate
MUA Natalie Wilton

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